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Provider Summary: BioLogics Health is a leader in regenerative medicine for joint injuries and chronic pain. With several offices throughout the United States and white-glove concierge service, patients can receive therapy in the convenience of their home.
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Biologics Health, LLC is on the leading edge of providing regenerative cellular therapy. Biologics Health provides regenerative cell therapy, which is often referred to as stem cell therapy, with locations throughout the United States. Stem cells are deservingly getting a lot of attention and Biologics Health helps you get the right answers to the right questions.

How much does the treatment cost?
How does it work?
What it may help?
Can it treat or can it cure?
Is this covered by insurance?
Why does the FDA say so much about regenerative medicine?

The excitement and questions make sense because so many people are hearing how this medical advancement may be bigger than antibiotics. The results are truly making the news! You owe it to yourself to hear the facts about how stem cells are the building blocks for your body to possibly help regenerate tissue, bone, cartilage, muscles & tendons, plus reduce inflammation and make a big impact in reducing your pain. Biologics Health provides no-obligation educational events to allow you to learn more and get your questions answered. We’re excited to share how your future may be impacted in a positive way because of the powerful medical breakthrough known as regenerative medicine. A typical patient comes to us with knee or other joint pain from wear and tear or an injury. Even if you have ACL damage, a meniscus tear or labral issues with your hip or shoulder regenerative cellular therapy may help. You may even have been told you’re joint is ‘bone-on-bone’ because of arthritis or an injury and you’re considering total or partial knee or hip replacement. It really ‘boils down’ to this – if you’re being told that you need surgery for joint or muscle conditions then you will want to learn more about how regenerative medicine is helping people.

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